Can't run ATOM on Mac OS 10.12.2


Hi there,

I’m having a heck of time running ATOM on my laptop (OS X 10.12.2 Sierra). I downloaded the ZIP file and installed the app but nothing happens. I see the app logo in my menu bar at the top of the screen but the only sub-menu item under ATOM is “quit”. No ATOM window pops up or anything. Please help!

  1. Did you copy the to your /Applications or ~/Applications directory?
  2. Do you have permission to your ~/.atom directory?
  3. Is the user account you’re running Atom under an Administrator?


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have admin access to my user account. I also did copy the app to the applications folder and that’s where I attempted to open the app.


Have you tried the standard debugging steps mentioned in the Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual: