Can't run apm publish command. Error in json file line 318!


I created a syntax theme and published it on .
Now I want to publish it on as a package.
I ran apm install and apm login succesfully in my terminal on Windows 10.
Always, when I want to run any apm publish command there is this error:

Error parsing package.json file: Unexpected string in JSON at position 318.

My package.json file don’t have so much lines so it’s another json file?
I also tried this commands on my dualboot Ubuntu 17.04 and there was excactly the same error.
How can I fix this error?
Sorry for my language, I’m from Germany…


“Position 318” means the 318th character, which is line 15. Your error is on line 14, where you left out a comma.


Thank you. :grinning:


No problem. :slight_smile: