Can't replace ctrl-alt-i, toggle-dev-tools


I want to have atom use the same key to toggle the inspector that the chrome browser uses. I tried this

  'f12': 'window:toggle-dev-tools'

to work along with ctrl-alt-i. It works except when the inspector has focus. This means I can’t really toggle the dev-tools. I can only open them.

ctrl-alt-i toggles and it is also bound to body so I don’t see why this doesn’t work. Any ideas?


Generally speaking, it looks as if the dev tools do not follow the Atom keybinding mechanism. Why that’s the case, I don’t know. But it’s not specific to this key. Some keys seem to do the Atom thing even when in dev tools, others do something dev tools specific.

For example, I can invoke the command pallette (sp?) using cmd-shift-P even when the dev tools have focus, but I can’t dismiss it with esc


In this case I made a mistake. ctrl-alt-i uses window:toggle-dev-tools not body:toggle-dev-tools. The thing that fooled me is that the binding resolver said body in the middle and I used that.

Edit: Removed stupid question.