Can't repeat find query without retyping find param


Using the following:

this is 1
and here is the number 1

Open the ‘find in buffer’ pane (ctrl - f), click the ‘only in selection’ button, highlight the first line and replace 1 with 2.
Now highlight the second line, it comes back with no results for the number 1 until you type in something else and then retype the number 1.

edit: v0.123.0 on Win8.1


If I understand correctly, you are breaking the selection by highlighting a different line in between searches, is that correct?

If so, I’m not sure what you want makes much sense to me. If I search “only in selection”, I would indeed expect that search to start from scratch when I change the selection, no?


My goal was to go down a list of
and change to item2, item3, etc.

As I selected each new line it would not find any results until I re-typed item1 into the query, rather than automatically finding the existing query in the new selection. It seems like the query is not executed on new selection, but only on new query term entry.


I think I see what you mean. If the search field still has a search term displayed, you should be able to re-use it in the next selection, instead of having to type the same term that is already there.

If that’s it, I agree and can confirm that behavior in v124, Win8.1.
Basically, if I change the selection, the existing search term should automatically be searched for again in that new selection.
At least that would be my intuitive expectation.
Instead the search field stays at the last result it displayed until you start typing something new:


Exactly what I ran into.