Can't put tabs on html.erb files


On my .html.erb files I can’t put tabs (2 spaces) I’m using version .71


Can you be a little more specific about the issue you’re having? What are you doing? What are you expecting to happen? What is actually happening?


I have the same problem. If I put the cursor before some text on a line and press tab nothing happens, where I would like to see my tab length (2) in spaces.

This is also 0.71.0.

EDIT: The problem seems to be in the emmet package. Disabling this allowed me to enter tabs again.


wherever I put the cursor and I press tab, I don’t get 2 spaces, It doesn’t do anything, not even emmet works, it does something if I press tab after :, I get :key => "value", but that’s it, pressing tab only does something after : or after my own snippets letters


you’re right, thanks, there’s alredy an issue there, so let’s hope it gets fixed soon