Can't publish/unpublish package


I made a fork of a unmaintained package and decided to publish it with the fixes I did, since it had been dead from 2 years. I published the fork and then decided I wanted a new repo (giving proper credit), not a fork.

So I duplicated the repo, deleted the fork, and renamed the new repo to the fork’s name.

So the link to repo never changed, but now when publishing it says:

$ apm publish --tag v0.3.4
Publishing google@v0.3.4 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

And I figured I would just delete the whole thing and re-publish it, but:

$ apm unpublish google
Are you sure you want to unpublish google? (yes) yes
Unpublishing google ✗
Unpublishing failed: Unauthorized

I did try apm login again with no luck.

What can I do about it?


Unfortunately, deleting (or renaming) the repository before you unpublish it breaks the links that were created to keep track of who has access to it. (See the documentation.) You’ll have to post an Issue on so the folks that have access to the back-end databases can fix the problem.