Cant publish / unpublish atom package


Hey there, i cant seep to publish / unpublish

The tags are being created but when i try to publish to apm i get the following error

apm publish -t v0.4.2
Publishing atom-development-server@v0.4.2 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

i tried to rename the repository but still…

i changed the name of the github repository a while back from development-server to atom-development-server…

i tried to change it back to development-server and unpublish / publish but i wasnt able to solve the problem…

is there any way to solve this problem or should i just depracate the package??


When you changed the name (without unpublishing or renaming first), you lost access to the database records in the Atom package repository for the original name. An Atom team member is going to have to fix this for you.

/cc @thedaniel