Can't publish package. Application error


Can’t publish package. Do anyone has any idea what is happening.

$ apm publish minor
Preparing and tagging a new version ✓
Pushing v0.7.0 tag Username for '' ----
Password for '': ----
Publishing atom-css-comb@v0.7.0 ✗
Creating new version failed: Application error

All changes sinking with github. apm pkg is up to date. I havno any ideas.


It might’ve been a temporary 500 error – have you tried again since then?


Yes, i have that problem more then 1 day


Have you run apm login first?


Yes, you did. But still not working


Is it possible to see the hollow log errors?


Anybody got any idea why this is happening?


It looks like you’re having the same issues as @smlombardi from this topic here:

From that, I’m guessing that your tags are messed up. What’s the name of the repo?


What happened to me was I created the remote repo with tower and it asked for the remote name and git url.

I mistakenly put the name of the repo when I should’ve put “origin” as name.

In this dialog.


Not even close.

Local tags are identical tags in git

It’s not my first release, it’s new version of package:
I don’t want to create a new package, I want to continue that which has

I have prepared a release as usual and expected standard of behavior.


A fixed that with hard reset to previous version of package, delete all created tags & force commit to git repo. Then apm publish ... and all done.