Can't publish after changing repository in package.json


Hi. Recently I renamed my package from firefox-light-syntax to firefox-syntax, now I want the repository to match the package name but I get a Git tag not found error when running apm publish, very similar to this comment in another thread.

Maybe apm is searching for the tag in the old repo where it doesn’t exist. Unpublishing and republishing might do the trick but I don’t want to lose all the downloads, is there anything else I can do?

Edit: I should mention I created a different repo instead of renaming the old one (in case something went wrong).


The security for a package is tied to the repository it is initially published from. When you renamed the repository or created a new repository, it doesn’t have access to the package. See the Flight Manual for more information:

Let me know what you want to do about the problem.


Reading this follow-up discussion:
it seems only manually updating the database will let me change to the new repo. I don’t know if this is still an option.


I can update the database if you can tell me what package and what repository should be associated.


That would be great! This is the package:

and this is the repository:


Should be fixed. Let me know.


Yes, it worked. Thank you, Lee! :thumbsup:



Perhaps I also have the same problem. (Git tag not found error)
(I deleted a repository and recreated same name repository.)

Could you fix the my package database?




There are no files in that repository @rumoto. Even if I fix the database, the package won’t work.



I’m sorry, my explanation was incorrect.
I want to delete this package completely.


You want to delete the package permanently? Or you want to delete the package and recreate it again?


I want to delete this package permanently.


The package has been deleted.


Thanks you Lee! :grinning:


Hi @leedohm

I also want to move the repository of a package to another one. Actually the repository was transferred to my account and I just want to update the package.json and references to the now correct place.

Old Repo Location:
New Repo Location:

Right now, the old repo is redirecting to the new one is working because of the transfer, but the name of the old owner and the logo are still there.

It would be nice if you can help me with it.


All you should need to do is update the package.json with the new repo location and publish a new version. It’s documented in the Atom Flight Manual:


@leedohm Could you please help me change this plugin’s repo: