Can't override darwin.json key mapping in my keymap.cson file


I have previously mapped ‘ctrl-tab’ to ‘pane:show-next-item’ and ‘ctrl-shift-tab’ to ‘pane:show-previous-item’ (under ‘body’) but for some reason Atom has reverted to mapping ‘ctrl-tab’ to ‘pane:show-next-recently-used-item’ (similar for ‘ctrl-shift-tab’). I can successfully map ‘ctrl-q’ to ‘pane:show-previous-item’ in my keymap.cson file, but it won’t let me override the ‘ctrl-tab’ to ‘pane:show-next-recently-used-item’ mapping viewed in /Applications/

Restarting Atom doesn’t seem to do it. I haven’t installed any new packages. I did rebuild Atom to resolve a bug in a package (apparently made evident after the 1.7.2 upgrade), but disabling this package doesn’t change things.

I want the keymapping described above for its similarity to tab navigation in browsers; and, as I’ve said, I had this mapping up until just recently.

Atom version 1.7.2
OS X 10.11.2


The blog post talks about how to override this: