Can't open new window


When I’m running code using julia, I am unable open new windows of atom, including using project switcher. The thing that seems strange to me is that I can’t open a new window from any windows I happen to have open at the time, not just the one with code running.

I’m running on Debian. If you have any advice that would be much appreciated!


Sorry, I don’t think I got the question.
If you’re running code using Julia, you are not able to open Atom, is that right?
What happens if you open an instance of Atom, and then you run your Julia code?


If you’re using Juno, you might have much better luck asking on their forums. Maybe someone else has experienced what you’re seeing.


Yes, it’s primarily when I’m using Juno, I can’t open new windows beyond the one I already have running. If I happen to have several windows open when this problem sets in, none of them can open new windows. Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure it’s Juno’s fault.


You have said that it specifically happens when you’re running Julia code. This means that the only people who are likely to have experienced it or be able to reproduce it are people who have Juno. Possibly only people with Juno on Debian.


There’s also a FAQ for this: