Can't open folder using atom by right click open with atom


i have this error when right-clicking folder to open it with atom, i try reinstalling it but it didn’t work. but when i open atom short cut it work fine.

only when i right click folder


i am using win 10


I am also having this problem. I manually uninstall Atom by accident (was trying to clear Atoms preferences). Once I did this, it did not uninstall the context menu item. So I’ve reinstalled Atom, that didn’t fix it. I uninstalled properly and reinstalled. Still didn’t fix it. I removed the context menu items via registry editor and reinstalled Atom and now it didn’t even install them.


I got the same error today when updating to Atom 1.10.1. I fixed it by going to the settings view system tab and checking/unchecking the settings as I wanted them.
Somehow the open with Atom stopped working after the latest update because it was unchecked in the settings view but was still available in the context menu.


can you include step by step detail on how to fix the problem? thanks, i am still learning lol.


What I did was, open the settings view. On windows that is accessible from the File menu and choosing settings or by pressing Ctrl+,
Then in the settings view pick the System tab and choose the options as you would like, for me all 3 were unchecked but it was still shown when I right clicked and I got the same error as you see when I clicked it. So I checked and unchecked all options and then chose the ones that I want.


Thanks you, it works!!!


thanks. fixed the problem


thnxx.My Problem is also fixed…


good god it was so easy i was lost in regedit