Can't open Atom

I can’t open Atom.
I click on the icon and nothing.

I uninstalled and installed Atom about 3 times and nothing.
I deleted C:\Users\FatBoy\AppData\Roaming\Atom and C:\Users\FatBoy\AppData\Local\atom - nothing.
Atom Just stays in a process with 0% cpu.

sry for bad english

Does running atom in the command prompt say something? If it doesn’t complain about being undefined, what does atom --foreground say?

em… nothing)

What happens if you rename C:\Users\FatBoy\.atom? Make sure to kill the idle process before you try to open it again.

If that doesn’t work, you can try atom --clear-window-state to purge Atom’s session memory.

Hello. I’ve already solved this problem. As the Aejiro said I’ve opened CMD and typed command “atom --foreground”. The whole problem was invalid config.json.

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