Can't login to Atom beta website anymore


I received a beta invite yesterday for Atom, and I was able to download it and run it okay (great job team!). However, today I tried logging in again to to access the beta invites I can send out to others, and now I am locked out of the beta website. Each time I try to login, I get redirected to the “SOON” page, and the URL is “”. I have tried logging in in a private browser window to make sure it’s not a cache/cookie issue, but the same thing happens. Can anyone from the Atom team help me out?


Ah I found a hacky solution in another post (Duplicate invite suppresses the invite email), but it’d be great if someone could still look into why this is happening.


I was able to solve this with deleting all my cookies.


Thanks very much for taking the time to report this. I’ve created an issue about it internally and we’ll look into it.


This didn’t work for me, unfortunately. I deleted my cookies and still get OAuth failures saying I’ve got bad credentials (which shows me the SOON page)


Like @davidcelis, I was unable to make it work even after /logout and removing cookies… Switch from Chrome to Safari and as able to login but I don’t have the invite banner (never had it I think…)


I’m having the same issue with a twist: Tried on a second browser and still can’t get in. All I get is the “SOON” page. Thoroughly reset cookies on both browsers and still nada.

Edit: Just to clarify the solution mentioned by @kevincon does work. I’m putting it into this post too in order to spare people the trouble of visiting the other link: Click on logout and then go back to login. That did the trick for me.

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