Can't load remote-edit package


I just downloaded tonight and am trying now to install the remote-edit package, but after a few seconds it throws the error:

This is probably something basic on my part since I’ve only been using for about an hour. But thanks for any help.

Can't See Remote Files
Working with remote files

This seems to be a known issue in the remote-edit package, so it’s not something basic you are doing wrong :wink:

In a perfect world you should never see an error message like this, just unlucky to see it within the first hour of using Atom. The button that says Create issue on the remote-edit package should link to this issue after the duplicate has been found.


Thanks. Apparently this is a problem with 1.9.x and later versions of Atom. Could you tell me how to download an earlier version?


Should be available here


Thanks. I was able to download 1.8.0, which already has remote-edit in it.


No it doesn’t. You just opened 1.8.0, it looked in your .atom/packages directory and found all of the packages you already had downloaded.


But I was able to go to Packages / Remote Edit / Add New Host(sftp) and put in my host, and then connect successfully. Doesn’t that mean Remote Edit is installed and working?


Yes, it does.