Can't install/open ATOM on macOS 10.15.3

I just downloaded the last ATOM app, put it on my apps folder, but when I try to launch it I get a message that says that iIt can’t be opened because Apple can’t check if it is a malware software. It asks me to upgrade the software and get in touch with the developer for more info.

I guess this is a known issue, but couldn’t find an answer on the forum.



Hi Andreu,

I have exactly the same problem. I switched off my firewall, turned off and on my Mac. Downloaded atom once again. the same story. But the same thing happened when I tried downloading atom to my old Lenovo with Windows system. Does anyone has any hints what can be done? Andreu or maybe you found a solution?


The original question may be answered by:
Unable to install Atom (MacOS 10.15.2)

I tried what they recommended, still not working :disappointed_relieved:

Hello Marta.

In my humble opinion this hints that you do not have the same problem as the original topic. I would think you have a program download restriction if both Mac and Windows show ‘same’ problem. The situation changes when your Mac and Window machines have different problems.

Consider starting a new topic and completely explain what issue you are having. We are totally blind until you give us eyes to see with the notes you share to us.

I am a Windows-only user - someone else will have to volunteer to assist you.

Good luck.

Thank you for the hint. I actually read the comments once again and in one of the answers I read that opening an app not with clicking on it but by using „open” might help. And it did!
Definitely you helped a lot!

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Yes, it’s a security restriction that Apple is implementing for all apps not dowloaded from the AppStore. In earliest macOS versions it asked you if you wanted to open the security and privacy settings, now you have to look for it by yourself. It’s in settings/security and privacy/general. After trying to launch an app that doesn’t open, you’ll find an option in there to launch the app anyway.

Thank you all for your help.