Can't install electron with npm, what could be wrong?


I am using Mac OSX sierra. I was using on el Capitan then I updated and now it’s not working. I tried a clean installation of node and npm, even after that it’s not working. I try “npm install electron --save-dev” but it get stuck on node install.js. I left it for an hour still no change.

I tried other packages from npm its working. I tried “npm install express” it worked.

it’s stays same for an hour.


Have you tried npm install -g electron?

If that doesn’t work, there’s always the option of downloading Electron manually, which I think is easier for purposes of development. Using npm to snag Electron is very handy when you’re distributing your app (and essential if you expect people to build from source), but it’s not necessary for development.


use --verbose , file size is 45 mb .