Can't install Atom on Windows 10


I can’t get Atom to install on Windows 10. Can someone take a look at this log and help me troubleshoot this?



Do you have any anti-virus running? If you do can you temporarily disable and then try installing again?


I don’t think so …? But this is a company laptop, so maybe. Which also means I might not be able to disable the anti-virus, if there is one running :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll try disabling a few things and see if that helps.


No dice :frowning_face: I tried disabling the anti-virus things that I could, but it still wouldn’t install (same error). So for now I’m using the “portable” version, and using to get notified when there are new releases so that I can update manually. Not ideal, but at least I’m up and running.


Ahhh sorry about that - if all else fails, using portable mode is our fallback recommendation so I’m glad that you have at least have that as an option.