Can't get Text Replacement to work in my mac


Hello. Related question

I have configured some text replacements in my local machine, via Preferences > Keyboard > Text, including a lot of code shortcuts, including shortcuts for my own developed system urls, that are not by-default suggested by Atom, such as:

apj -> application/json
epc -> events/panels/criteria
hurl -> http://my.home.url/

But I can’t get them to work in Atom. Any ideas? Is this already implemented in Atom?


Looks like the application requires some special code to interact with that feature. Unless the devs decide to add it or someone submits a PR for it, the snippets feature is what you want. To get your examples, just set up a block like so:

    prefix: 'apj'
    body: 'application.json'
    prefix: 'epc'
    body: 'events/panels/criteria'
  'My URL':
    prefix: 'hurl'
    body: 'http://my.home.url/'