Can't get javascript auto-completion to work as i think it should


I am programming a website using .js libriary.

autocomplete-javascript atom io/packages/autocomplete-javascript


atom-ternjs atom io/packages/atom-ternjs

but both won’t show completion, if i push a dot after a variable. It only auto-completes variable names, but does not show, which functions are available to execute on the context.

Found that Problem with language javascript autocomplete!?

This is quite easy to fix, but not really obvious how to do it :slight_smile: Here are the steps:

Install autocomplete-plus
Install atom-ternjs
Create or open any js file in your project
Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Configure Project
5 Enable below libs the item browser
Click on “Save and Restart Server”

but i can’t do this because autocomplete-plus is deprecated and if i try to configure project then it says: “There is no active server. Open at lease one JavaScript file in the current project to start the tern server. After the server has started you will be able to configure the project.”
Therefore i opened the containing folder as a project and opened “template.html” (my own html-website, containing in body.

Still no Project-Configuration available.
Still no autocompletion on functions.

I am available in discord and can stream my screen.

Thanks - Enomine

You might want to try the ide-typescript package with JS support enabled. It uses TypeScript to understand the JS as best it can.