Cant get HTML Preview to work


Hello all,

Please forgive my ignorance. I am as beginner as beginners get.
So i am slowly learning html, and would like to get a preview for what im doing. all the forums i read had me add a preview package. I have it installed, and when i go to packages and click “enable preview” i get nothing. What could i be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Which package are you trying to use?


i have troble to … :pensive:


Which package are you trying to use?


I use hydrogen package :roll_eyes:


So i figured out the mistake i was making. When starting a new document, an .html extension needs to be there for the preview function to work. Atom doesnt recognize it on its own. Rookie mistake.


Clearly, your problem is not the same as the original post. hydrogen is a package for running Python code. Since you don’t even have the same question as the first poster, you will need to be very detailed about what your issue is. At the moment, you have given us absolutely no information with the hopes that we would read your mind. I can guarantee you that everyone here is incapable of that, so you will have to tell us what is happening in the normal way.


HI Marthasimons,

I use asciidoc-preview 2.12.1 Package. It works well. Just make sure you add the .html extension to the document. Hope this helps.