Can't get flash player plugin to work


I have an Electron app running an angular web app within it. We need to show flash content. I previously had this working when my Electron app was running in 64-bit mode on a 64-bit machine.

I am now attempting to run Electron as 32-bit mode on my 64-bit machine. I have the 32-bit flash player installed and am making sure I’m pointing to that version, but it is no longer working. I’m loading a web page within an iframe and the iframe loads the SWF content. But I get this image where the flash content should be displayed.

Using navigator.plugins in the chrome console shows that the plugin has been installed.


I’m unsure why it is no longer working here.

Thank you,

Hello @kamcknig,

There is an article on how to use the chrome flash alternativr called Pepper Flash.

I don’t know if the article is still up to date but try it. The recommanded way for plugins is to download it in a relative location to your project set its path as indicated on the article. Copy/paste if you find it in YOUR chrome plugins folder.

Hope I helped.