Can't get chrome debugging to work

Hi. I would love to start using Atom, but for that, I need to be able to debug my angular code inside the editor. I have application running inside IIS in c:\inetbub\wwwroot. I installed xatom-debug and xatom-debug-chrome. First, the pluggin said it cant open chrome, so I setup Custom Binary Path as “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” and set Web Address to my application’s address.

Now chrome opens my application correctly, but in atoms’s console, there is this error:
Unable to move the cache: Access denied (0x5)
Unable to move cache folder
Unable to create cache
Shader Cache Creation failed: -2

And debugger ends with Unable to find page with socket.

Any help? :frowning:

Anyone? How do you debug your angular?

So no one here is debugging angular code using Atom? :frowning: