Can't get Atom Beautify to work with PHP files


I have set up php-cs-fixer at c:\apps\xampp\php-cs-fixer\ but it refuses to work. I keep getting the following:

with text:
See C:\apps\xampp\php-cs-fixer\ installation instructions at or go to
Your program is properly installed if running ‘where.exe C:\apps\xampp\php-cs-fixer’ in your CMD prompt returns an absolute path to the executable.

Thanks in advance for any help. This is driving me nuts!



The path you entered is supposed to be a path to an executable, but you entered a path to a folder. You’ll want to add the file name of the executable to the end of that path.


Thanks, Is the file it’s looking for an executable, ie has extension “.exe”? One had “phar” which confused me.


Got it to go now. Didn’t realise “phar” was a valid executable extension. I also had a path in the “deprecated” area.


Yes, that’s a PHP-specific behavior.


Learn something every day :sunglasses:

Much appreciated.