Can't fold or unfold block of code


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t fold or unfold a block of code using alt-cmd-[ and alt-cmd-] respectively.

If someone can help me. I like this feature and congrats for this editor!


For me, using ⌥⌘[ and ⌥⌘] takes the current indentation scope under the cursor and folds that rather than folding the exact selection. Maybe this is the behaviour you’re seeing?

If not and you’re saying it simply doesn’t do anything, what does folding through Edit ⟶ Folding ⟶ Fold do?


Also, do those keybindings fold code in other locations? Maybe the keybindings are broken? You can always check using the keybinding resolver that the keys your pressing are doing what you expect. The keybinding resolver can be toggled with ⌘..