Can't find where cause the error, could someone help me out?


I’m on Windows 10, atom 1.3.1, all package disabled (except for core packages)
Recently I notice that every time I open atom, their always have an error like this:

The Error Cannot find module come with the current directory, but I don’t have spec folder, I don’t know why I have the ‘jasmine-test-runner’, I don’t even have ‘app.asar\src’ folder either. run apm test give me the same output.

How can I fix/debug this ?


app.asar is the archive that holds all of the Atom application code. So src is actually inside a file, not a directory. Can you replicate this by running Atom in Safe Mode?

To launch Safe Mode:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Launch Atom with the command atom --safe


It’s still there



  1. Close all instances of Atom
  2. Rename the $HOME\.atom directory to something else
  3. Launch Atom again

If that doesn’t work, then something is wrong with your installation and you’ll need to completely delete Atom and reinstall.


After move out .atom directory…Ctrl + Alt + P gives me no response, apm test still output the same error.
Seems I have to reinstall it :worried: