Can't find when updating atom?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to pose this question, but I just switched computers (Mac 10.15.4 to 11.2.3). On my old machine I installed script and got it to run with Python 3.9. I had to edit the file to look for Python 3.9 as opposed to 3.7. This file was located in .atom/packages/script/lib/grammars/. By making this minor edit, my python scripts had no problems loading their needed modules.

I’ve installed script on my new machine but can’t locate a file called The only file mentioning python in grammars directory is python.js.

I can run the example python scripts located in .atom/packages/script/examples just fine, but I’m not sure versions of python they are using. Could they be using my system python (2.7)?

Phew, where do I even start?

  1. You shouldn’t edit a package. Whenever the package gets updated, your changes are gone.

  2. script v3.31 migrated from CoffeeScript to JavaScript, that’s why you cannot find that file

  3. I doubt that Script uses any hardcoded versions unless it’s a basic differentiation between Python 2.x and Python 3.x

  4. Using Script: Run Options allows you to specify a python binary. Save your choice as a profile for easy re-use