Can't find CSS selector to edit its color


Hi. I have Zen and Typewriter package using the Dark Theme UI.

There’s a small area right after my text that I can’t select via Dev Tools to change its color.

Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean (I edited the contrast so you can better see it):

It seems its the part AFTER the editor itself ends. Kinda like a “void” area.

If I add more empty lines it will fill with the right color as it is inside the “text editor area”, if that makes sense.

Let me know if you know what is that area’s CSS selector.

Thanks in advance!


What operating system are you on? There’s a chance your issue has something to do with this phenomenon and that fiddling with the color settings between your GPU and monitor will fix it.


I’m on a MBP / macOS.

Rah! Funny. Indeed it fixes it. I had a custom profile set and changing back to regular LCD solved that.