Can't click last line of search results due to horizontal search bar overlap


Small issue but it repros all the time.

In Yii PHP, I often search things that appear in translation resource strings above the code that creates the original string. So, in my search results, the code where I’m looking for something is often in the last line of results.

A few months back, something changed in Atom that made it very difficult to access the last line.

You can see in the picture below:

Clicking on the last line doesn’t work anymore:

<?= Yii::t('frontend','Alex is one of the core maintainers of');?> 

It looks like the horizontal scroll bar interferes with it. The top 2-3 pixels are hot but not the rest.

Usually, I have to use cursor keys to move up and open the file rather than being able to use a mouse click.

I love Atom!