Can't change paste (in terminal) shortcut from ctrl-shift-v to ctrl-v on ubuntu linux

I want copy to be ctrl-c and paste to be ctrl-v as I’m using these in the editor and in general on my system. They work elsewhere including in my native terminal.

I’m using the terminator plugin in atom, which is a fork of platformio-ide-terminal.

I’ve run :

stty intr ^k
stty lnext ^n

This changes the shortcut of the terminal interrupt command to ctrl-k and lnext to ctrl-n so they don’t clash.

After doing this, ctrl-c works for copy as expected, but for paste I still need ctrl-shift-v.
If I do ctrl-v it inserts “^V”.

I’ve tried adding ‘ctrl-v’: ‘core:paste’ to keymap.cson, but it didn’t do anything.

Any help much appreciated!

I would try installing the keybinding-resolver package to inspect any conflicts with other packages. I’m another Ubuntu user.

Thanks for the idea but copy and paste look exactly equivalent.
It says ctrl-shift-v is paste without formatting, so maybe ctrl-v is doing nothing and ctrl-shift-v is doing this.