Cant access packages


Hi. I decided to try out atom but I keep getting this error whenever i try installing packages. What do I do?


The Atom installation is not handling the user name correctly. Look at where the software is searching for the software module and what your actual user name is.

I recommend one of the following:

  1. Change your user name
  2. Create a new user account
  3. Make a “portable” installation.

For option 3 have a look at Special focus on the notes.


@danPadric Good catch.

@sjaychill Take a look at the path at the very top of the window. You have an exclamation mark in your username, which isn’t present in the path displayed in the error message. The logical conclusion is that either APM or Node (depending on where that passes through) wasn’t designed to handle exclamation marks.


Thanks man.
I would have never noticed that was causing the error.
Had to change the profile image path. Its works perfectly now.


This is worth filing an issue, probably on the settings-view repo.