Canonical way to show errors in the editor


We have linter but it doesn’t lend itself to good API that you can call. We have atom-lint and again its API is locked inside and not something you can require.

Would be great if there already was (is there?) or if someone made an errors in view NPM package similar to the awesome atom message panel.

I suspect @joefitzgerald would love something like this for his go-plus package. I’m investigating it for atom-typescript.


Just found this on NPM : which seems to be based off of source from (i.e. the linter package). Will give it a go.


This is really a duplicate of the conversation on canonical linters:

I’m going to close this as duplicate in a day unless there are objections.


The conversation is very similar however the direction is different. A canonical linter (I think Linter is fairly de-facto here) is different from a canonical way to show errors in the current view.

The linter plugin would also benefit if there was a canonical way to display errors in view.


The conversation very quickly shifts to cover what you’re talking about:

  • An API for publishing “messages” associated with tools that have been run
  • info / warning / error messages, with source, filename, line, column, message + gutter marker + click on error to go to the message’s location in an editor
  • tool output (i.e. stdout / stderr from running a tool) - this could also be used for build output, or to allow package authors to print informational text about their package
  • errors from atom itself (i.e. the ones that pop up on the right - now (0.166.0) - when an unhandled error occurs

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