Cannot write the @ symbol w/ German keyboard (Windows)


I was wondering if anybody else seemed to have the same problem? I’ve had both the newest and the previous version, but I cannot get @ to write with Alt-g + q which maps to an @ symbol on the German keyboard. I had Emmet and Script packages installed, but uninstalling didn’t repair the functionality in case I broke it.

@zisoft recommended a blog that suggests a temporary workaround for this issue. The relevant excerpts are:

Since that really was a show stopper, I took a close look at the app and at the Folder “\Atom\resources\app\keymaps” in there there is a file called “win32.json” – prey!
In there the are two lines (93,94 @ the build I use)
“ctrl-alt-[": "editor:fold-current-row",
"ctrl-alt-]“: “editor:unfold-current-row”,
after removing them, just restart and you can now type backslashes.


The @-sign is being blocked by the autoflow/keymaps. Once removing this, autoflow (auto-formatting and removing some linebreaks!?) doesn’t work anymore – but I’ve got my@ back.
Secondly since I am fairly old, I still use the old win3.11 short-cuts for cut and paste – There are Shift-Delete and Shift-Insert. Atom binds Shift-delete to a plain delete-command. In the “/resources/app/keymaps/win32.json” you can rebind it to “core:cut” (~ line 30ish) thus enabling this kind of legacy support…

The bug itself has been caught before and is discussed in the Issue Tracker.


Yep, i’ve the same problem. Should be bug reported.


A workaround is described here but this cannot be a solution for sure.


This is an oft-reported bug. You can find the canonical Issue here:

And also other topics on this board, including this one:


Just use the keys Shift+A umlaut (next to Enter key). It is easy.