Cannot use apm publish minor: 'The header content contains invalid characters'


I tried to publish a new package but failed.

In MINGW32 command window in Windows, I move to the repository folder, and ran apm publish minor, but obtained the following error:

The header content contains invalid characters

This is a brand new repository for a grammar, and it worked well locally. I have created public GitHub repository.

Can anyone let me know what could be the problem? Does it need to be done from macOS?

"The header content contains invalid characters"

I don’t know why the minGW shell would be a problem, but have you tried from the command prompt?


Just tried. Exactly the same error message.


Wondering what’s wrong, I changed the url below, according to this example

  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": ""

Now reads:

  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": ""

But still the same error.


I don’t know. I don’t see anything out of place, or anything there that shouldn’t be there.


Thank you for having a look! I’ll clone the repo to another computer and try again from there.


Now I cloned it to a Mac (macOS Sierra). In Terminal, I ran xcode-select --install and then brew install git. Finally, tried apm publish minor and … I got this:

Publishing language-spike2@v0.1.0 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

This seems related, but the solution is unclear.


I see your package as having been published. Did you figure it out?


Not at all. I don’t at which point the package has been published. Not very useful …

But thank you for letting me know, anyway!


By checking the sha, It turned out that both the two attempts from Mac, which both issued an error, were actually successful.


Wait, is not shown is the package page. Still, something is wrong.


Okay, so I tried to install it myself and I got an error.

> apm install language-spike2
Installing language-spike2 to C:\Users\stick\.atom\packages failed
No releases available for language-spike2

@rsese? @leedohm? Can you give us any insight?


Thanks. It does not appear in Atom GUI search list either.

There are some people who encounter the same error and overcome it.

However, …

$ apm --version
apm  1.18.4
npm  3.10.10
node 6.9.5 x64
python 2.7.13
git 2.8.2

$ apm publish --tag v0.2.1
Publishing language-spike2@v0.2.1 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

$ apm publish --tag v0.2.0
Publishing language-spike2@v0.2.0 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

$ apm publish --tag v0.1.0
Publishing language-spike2@v0.1.0 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

$ apm publish --tag v0.0.0
Publishing language-spike2@v0.0.0 ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found


If I can’t publish it, can I unpublish it? Yes.

$ apm unpublish language-spike2
Are you sure you want to unpublish ALL VERSIONS of 'language-spike2'? This will remove it from the apm registry, including download counts and stars, and this action is irreversible. (no)yes
Unpublishing language-spike2 ✓

Comfimed that the link is now dead.


Without a hope, I tried this again, and … tada!

$ apm publish --tag v0.2.1
Registering language-spike2 ✓
Publishing language-spike2@v0.2.1 ✓
Congrats on publishing a new package! 👍  📦  🎉
Check it out at


Huzzah! Glad it worked out.


Glad things worked out after unpublishing/publishing - there were a couple of issues that I had run into with a couple of folks a while ago but they were related to permissions issues which doesn’t seem like was the problem here.

Thanks for helping out as always @DamnedScholar :bow:


Thank you guys!!

I was a bit worried, but, later,$ apm publish patch worked successfully. It seems that once it’s been published, it’s OK.