Cannot update packages on Ubuntu


On my Ubuntu 13.10 x64 I cannot update packages because of this error:

Could not determine current Atom version installed

Potential bugs on Ubuntu

I have the same error, I installed using the debian package that I built using commit version 02a278d80c.


Same problem here with ubuntu 14.04 and built version 88aec85


Same problem here. Ubuntu 14.04. Temporary workaround is rebuilding and installing the application after a git pull of the latest source.


Can confirm, having the issue here as well.


Same here. Ubuntu 14.04


TL;DR Change line 4 of /usr/local/atom/resources/app/ to “0.95.0” as of 5/10/2014

So after digging around in the source for about 20-30 minutes I found our problem, it puts our version as the commit ID and not a number. Changing line 4 of the package.json file located in your installation’s atom/resources/app folder, (/usr/local/atom/resources/app/ for myself) to your atom local repo version (/git/repo/here/atom/package.json, line 4) should fix the problem. Your going to need to open the file as root, obviously, and atom itself does not like to run as root so use vim/emacs/gedit/YourFavoriteNonAtomEditor.


I can confirm the bug exists in the windows version, too. Fix is the same as it is here. Thanks!


thank you for your answer