Cannot unbind key/set it to native



I just installed Atom, it looks great but I have real trouble with my altgr-f bind. On my system it’s left bracket character, but in atom it opens Find and Replace by default. So because I couldn’t use brackets, I googled and I found unset! and native!. I tried remapping binds like this:

'.platform-win32, .platform-linux':
  'ctrl-alt-f': 'unset!'

'atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not(.mini)':
  'ctrl-alt-f': 'unset!'

but with no real success. When I press altgr-f, left bracket is printed and also Find and Replace is opened(and gets focus). Same happens with native!.
Like I said atom looks great but if I cannot unbind this thing, it is completely useless for me. Any ideas what I have done wrong or what else should I try to resolve this issue?


This is a known issue, unfortunately. See: