Cannot type the "\" inside an editor window. (Windows)


Keyboard generally works. Even in the settings page I CAN type the “” . It just is ignored in editor windows of any sort (tried json, cons, coffee).

How can I debug this?
Any hints or ideas?


Try opening the key binding resolver with Ctrl+., then hit the \ key. Does it resolve to a command?

PS: make sure the editor is focused when you hit the \


What @olmokramer said.
If the key binding resolver doesn’t show you any output when you try the backslash, there may be a package that interferes with keyboard input, but try the resolver first.

Also, for completeness, what keyboard layout are you using? OS, Atom version etc.


OS = Windows (see title)
Atom = 0.169.0
Keyboard = german, generally key mapping is correct

Itried they way olmokramer recommended already, the problem is: the field “search keybindings” searches by the name of the command and NOT by the keyboard-shortcut. So when I type “” then I can see the"" in the search-field and nothing else happens, because there is no command with name “”.

I also assume that there is a keybinding in effect. However this is a total fresh install and everybody on Windows with a german keyboard should have this issue. (Ok, I have an apple keyboard attached with some keymappings required, but the \ key is not remapped)

In case you want me to debug something with dev–tools will do.

thx for the quick replies.


So this will be the issue with international keyboards and your Alt-Gr characters (see this issue on the keymap repo, which is still open). That Alt-Gr key is not well-supported.

I’d say follow that issue to see when it gets fixed.


Ok, when I type “ctrl-alt” in the searchfield then I see a list of mappings (about 40) . Cannot find one that would map to the “?ß” key, which is the \ key.

Will follow this. Thx


I’m not sure we’re talking about the same key binding resolver. So just to be sure, I wasn’t talking about the search-field in the keybindings tab of the settings view. I was talking about the keybinding-resolver package that ships with Atom. Is that what you tried?

Backslash not working

This is definitely the issue that @batjko mentioned:

If you look at the comment history, there are plenty of dupes … some that specifically mention \ on German keyboard layouts.

Sequential mappings with non-US keyboards

Look UP the package “keyboard-localization”

Resolves the problem :smile:


Until officially fixed, this’ll do the problem away quickly.