Cannot run Setup.exe; "This app cannot run on your PC" error


Couple things FYI:

  • Windows 8 “home edition” user (No pro edition or anything)
  • Obviously this means no secpol access for me
  • 64 bit CPU
  • Have looked around for a fix already, so sorry for the new thread
  • Trying to download atom for learning python (yes, total PC noob, but you figured that out by now :wink:

Please assist, as I really want to get into coding. Direct me to the proper thread if necessary…it’s not like I haven’t looked for it.

Thank you so much!


What link did you download from?



Sorry, I downloaded from the webpage


I don’t know why the installer isn’t working for you, but you can go here and download the file called That contains the executable file for Atom, and everything it needs to run. You can get started with that while trying to figure out why the installer isn’t running.


It’s possible that you’ve got the 32-bit version of Windows 8 (which can run on a 64-bit PC). The 64-bit version of Atom will not run on 32-bit Windows. In that case you’d need the file instead.