Cannot run Atom from different shells


Hi Atom devs,

Hope you are doing well. I am using Atom in Linux environment. I work with multiple shells and need to open Atom from different shells as I need. This used to work fine with Atom since 1.6 (I guess)

However, I cannot open Atom from the multiple shells anymore. The Atom version is 1.8.0 under Linux Kubuntu 12.04. For instance:

If I’ve already started Atom in shell_01: atom /path/to/a_file.txt, Then if I go to shell_02 on another virtual desktop, I launched atom /another/path/to/ then command executes but there is nothing open (neither a new instance of Atom app nor file opens). My work around now is kinda tedious: I have to close any Atom instance and open Atom from the shell I wanna open to pick up my environment.

So is there anyway for Atom to be opened from multiple shells again?

Kind Regards,


As of this writing, Atom is at v1.11.2 for all platforms. To see the latest release, you can always go to

Can you reproduce this on the latest Stable release of Atom?


Hi Lee,

Sorry for getting back to you a bit late. I’ve request latest Atom updated. Seems like this bug has gone now.

Thanks so much for looking into this.