Cannot run a file in teletype


I recently downloaded atom with my friend, and he sent me a link to one of his files. The live share worked perfectly and I could edit all the text, however, I could not run the program. This was because the program could not be found on my computer. How do I run the file without getting this error message? (We both use script to run our code)

Error message: python: can't open file '@(Friend's github):C:\Users\(My PC)\Desktop\Test': [Errno 22] Invalid argument [Finished in 0.123s]


Clearly, script has not been enhanced with the ability to know what’s going on in teletype. You should still be able to select the whole script and run by selection, however.


Running by line number for python is apparently nonexistent in script.

Line Number Based runner not available for Python.


In that case you may have to download the file to your computer or try a different package.