Cannot reproduce "Atom Flight Manual"


Hello, I am starting using Atom ver. 1.5.4 on windows 7 and I start from “Atom Flight Manual” for 1.5.4 ver. I cannot reproduce this tutorial.

  1. It is not clear what is cmd key?
  2. In chapters Moving in Atom and Atom Selections key binding have different behaver
    Example : cmd-right, ctrl-E Move to end of line for me open some replace box
    ctrl-P and ctrl-N needs to go up and down a single character, for me open new project and new tab 

Have one some thoughts how to calm my emotions and get the inspiration back?


Please see the topic here for more information:

The TL;DR is that the documentation was originally written for OS X and hasn’t been universally updated. We’re in the process of converting our documentation to a new format that should make contributing to the Flight Manual much more approachable. (It will also fix some long-standing bugs that are caused by the back-end system that we are currently using.)