Cannot remove colors from apm in windows console


The apm help has a --color option for each command line and it works. But I want a global config (I’m a lazy typist). From reading the source it appears that a global config key of color should work but it doesn’t. After clearing that key I get false from apm config get color so I know the key is set.

Edit: After reading the source again the color option I saw was for the command line. So I have no idea what key to use for global config. Are the global config options documented anywhere?


I took a look and it seems the color option is always enabled by default. Although i’m using linux and not windows.

--color        Enable colored output     [boolean]  [default: true]

apm is like a modification of npm and most of the searching i’ve been doing about configs keep referencing me to the npm configs

Default: true on Posix, false on Windows

Sorry for so many edits, keep finding new information. Have you tried apm config set color foo


Yes where foo is false. And apm config get color returns false. And I can see it in .apmrc. So I think it is set. (Grin)

Windows definitely has color on. I can’t find anything in the source. I did find where the command line, argv, is detected and used to turn it on and off. Since that is the only condition I’m pretty sure there is no global option. I guess I’ll try to do a PR.