Cannot read property 'length' of undefined


This morning i’ve receive a notification saying that the package atom-ide-debugger-python have a new update, after install it my atom crash and freeze (could not get the error on stack trace).

As usual i remove the package using apm uninstall atom-ide-debugger-python and the uninstall works just fine but the crash on atom continues.


I’ve reinstalled atom and the error continues; (there is no community packages installed)


To be sure, does it still occur when in safe mode?


after i’ve uninstall and install again i could not use the atom command, then i create a symlink and still not working; ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/atom

I open the editor but when i open a project the error appears

my project is a python3.6 with pipenv


I found the solution; when i open atom inside a project the last tabs start opened and this cause that bug;

i run: atom --clear-window-state and work just fine.