Cannot Publish Atom Package with apm


I have just finished a preliminary version of an Atom Package, and would like to publish it.

I have issued the command

apm publish minor

It then prompts me for a username & password. Since I use 2FA on GitHub, I entered the personal access token, which I read elsewhere is what I need to do.

I get the following message:

remote: Permission to manngo/atom-web-tools.git denied to manngo.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

That’s better than previous messages:

remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

so I must be getting closer, but it’s still not happening.

Clearly there’s something I haven’t done properly, but I can’t work this one out.

Any help would be appreciated.


OK, got it.

I also needed to add permissions at the GitHub end for the token.

I may have got carried away with permissions. Does anybody know which permissions I should give?