Cannot publish atom Package? npm ERR


I am trying to publish a package for Atom with no success. On Linux, Manjaro (Arch), it fails completely. This is cause the atom in the aur repository has issues. So I cloned it to my Windows VM and try to publish from there.

I tried apm publish package and I get a general npm ERR. I have the newest Node and Atom installed fresh and it is not working when using that command from cmd.exe. I just installed an Ubuntu VM, installed atom, apm, npm, git, and nodejs fresh, and attempted to publish from there. But, I am getting the same error as in my Windows VM:

Saving token to Keychain ✓
Preparing and tagging a new version ✗
npm ERR! npm version [<newversion> | major | minor | patch | prerelease | preminor | premajor ]
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! (run in package dir)
npm ERR! 'npm -v' or 'npm --version' to print npm version (3.10.5)
npm ERR! 'npm view <pkg> version' to view a package's published version
npm ERR! 'npm ls' to inspect current package/dependency versions


The syntax is apm publish [major|minor|patch]. So for example, you’ll probably want apm publish minor.
Major: Increases the version number in your package.json by 1.0.0. So if your package.json is 0.0.0 right now, apm publish major will publish version 1.0.0.
Minor: 0.1.0
Patch: 0.0.1

Here’s the documentation on publishing.


Its a new package that is not on atom yet, and I have tried major, minor, patch, all with the same error.


What command are you typing in exactly?


I tried:

apm publish scaffolding

apm publish minor

apm publish major

  1. Is the remote named origin?
  2. Is the branch named master?
  3. Are you trying to publish from the master branch? Or some other branch?


Remote is origin/master:


There aren’t any tags on the GitHub repository. Are tags being created on your local copy?


I had tagging locally, yes, but I did notice that tagging was not on my github page after you mentioned it. I uploaded the tag and tried again. This time the publishing worked! Thanks for helping me find the problem.