Cannot make an image as my background!


Ive looked everywhere and done exactly what everyone else said to do. tried so many different types of code for this. I CANNOT get my images to go as my background! I have two other images that I want as well, one for the body background and one as the footer background, but I can’t even get the first image to go as the Logo background. Please help!

apparently new users can only put one image in a post which is ridiculous but whatever. Please tell me the code i need to use for the index.html as well as the style.css because it seems as if nothing will work.

When i put in the code the image just goes above everything else on the page, no matter where I put it, it still goes above everything else and is very frustrating. I want to make a website for my brother but I sure am going to need help.


What sources are you using? Because if they told you to do what’s in your screenshot, they’re wrong. Here’s a good tutorial for using background images in CSS.

You will also need to start a <body> tag after your <head> tag, and that should contain all of the contents of your page.