Cannot install packages/themes behind the firewall



I have managed to bypass the corporate firewall by setting up proxy settings, however I still cannot install packages or themes.

I get the initall theme/package list ok which indicates the proxy setting is working, however when I actually click ‘Install’ on any one of these packages/themes, i get the following:

gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@2.0.2
gyp info using node@0.10.40 | win32 | ia32
gyp http GET
gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install

Reading PROXY auth response…
HEAD: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Mime-Version => 1.0
Date => Mon, 30 May 2016 02:09:22 GMT
Content-Type => text/html
Connection => close
Proxy-Connection => close
Content-Length => 2110
Proxy auth not requested - just forwarding.
Sending headers (4)…
Body included. Length: 2110
data_send: read 2048 of 2048 / 2048 of 2110 (errno = ok)
data_send: wrote 2048 of 2048
data_send: read 62 of 62 / 2110 of 2110 (errno = ok)
data_send: wrote 62 of 62
Body sent.
forward_request: palive=0, authok=1, ntlm=0, closed=1

Any help would be much appreciated because I am on using this for a work project right now.

Many thanks



You could download packages you want from their repositories via your web browser (or git, if your firewall allows it) and manually place them into your .atom folder. There’s no actual installation that happens. Alternatively, if you have USB access, you can move the packages you want to an external drive and copy them onto your work computer.


So it is as simple as copying packages (and themes ??) to the .atom folder?

Currently there is nothing in my .atom folder. Why is this?

thanks for your reply



Yep. Packages and themes both go in .atom/packages.

I can’t tell you. You should have a few directories and files in there by default. If Atom hasn’t generated the default config files, then something else might be funky. Are you sure you don’t have the basics like config.cson and


There is installation that happens. There is a topic here that talks about manual installation of Atom packages, but it is not supported and not recommended.


That may be the case, however it simply doesn’t work behind a firewall. In contrast to this, copying packages seems to work fine.




That sentence was poorly chosen. A package with its dependencies in the appropriate folder will function just fine even if it was added via the file explorer and not the program.