Cannot install my package from within Atom's settings

I published my first package yesterday but couldn’t install it from Atom > Settings > Packages since the package is not shown there. I installed it instead manually with $ apm install language-edl; this worked fine and the package then shows in Atom’s community packages.

I thought perhaps it would need some time to be available to clients after being published. However, today the package was still unavailable from within Atom for installation.

Following the advice on another post, I unpublished the package and republished it. I used $ apm publish patch. But again I can install it from the CLI but not from within Atom since the package is not shown there when I search for it.

How to solve this?

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You can install packages from Settings > Install.

The Packages tab is for already installed packages.

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Thank you!

This should have been obvious since I’ve installed other packages before. I feel silly for spending over an hour solving a non-existing problem.