Cannot install duplicate-removal

Tried to install but get Failed to load duplicate-removal - try again later. Is there a way to just download and install?

Your question does not contain enough information to direct you to a solution. Example: What error message do you get? This may not even be an Atom core problem, which means you should talk to the package maintainer by creating a issue on his Github project page.

That’s fine. I found a better editor. Might want to offer better customer support if you want to keep customers.

Might want to offer better customer support if you want to keep customers.

I agree.

I would even be more upset by your statement if…

  1. You paid for the product

  2. I was paid to support you (I volunteer my time as a user)

  3. The add-on package you have trouble with belonged to Atom

  4. The add-on package was not open source

  5. You properly stated what the problem was:

    • error message

    • screen capture of fault message

    • Atom version

    • OS flavour and version

  6. You described what your aim is and fellow users ignored you

  7. You displayed patience.

May better Karma find you

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Touché. Sorry didn’t realize you are not paid and true this is a free editor, my bad, not your fault.

I did find everything I needed and more with Sublime. And since I liked it so much, I registered and paid so even though I paid nothing when I evaluated Atom, point is, I may have, had it had the features I needed built in. You are right about one thing, I have no patience, largely because today our employers have no patience and the tools we use have to be available now.

The balance of
… features
… direct costs
… indirect costs (example: time spent to customize)
is going to be different for each individual.
You use the tools that suit your requirements.

In the future when your schedule is more kind to you -
feel welcome to evaluate Atom again to see how it is such a “hackable” editor.
Not for changing editors, just for the sake of expanding your understanding
of what this project delivers with sponsorship from Github.

Next time start here:

Be well.