Cannot install Atom

I have installed it before on this laptop/system but I did a reset and formatted disc C.

Today I downloaded new Atom AtomSetup-x64.exe and AtomSetup.exe and both show error and windows say Update stopped working [with “Close program” button].
I hope someone will help me. I really liked Atom when write in Lua something for LOVE2D

My approach when troubleshooting is to focus on a particular string in the error log and then google search …

In this case I chose this snippet … towards the end of the log …

ApplyReleasesImpl: Couldn't rewrite shim RegKey, most likely no apps are shimmed:

and amongst other hits I found this clue …

which suggests that your antivirus is blocking installation.

But then I am on Ubuntu and I don’t experience Windows viruses.

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I downloaded older installer and Atom self-updated to the newest and everything work correctly. Your answer is kind of trash cause I disabled my antivirus but in the past when it was enabled I installed atom with no problems.

Perhaps you should clarify such background before posting in future. I am just another user … not a mind reader. Best.